Reverse Mortgage

Need Additional Income for any reason? Want to move closer to the family?

The Home equity Conversion Mortgage could be the answer for you.

  • You are 62+ and need more income
  • You have equity in your home but can’t get at it through a Forward mortgage refinance.
  • You want to downsize and purchase another home
  • Use a Reverse Mortgage, designed specifically for you.

We all know of the forward mortgage which is the one where we borrowed money from a bank in order to finance a home.  This usually occurs in the early stages of adulthood, and the concept of “making the monthly mortgage payment” became a common phrase while raising our families.

The need for a reverse mortgage occurs later in life, specifically at 62+ years of age.  Money is needed by the senior, and they may be ‘house rich’ but ‘cash poor’ meaning that all of the value of those years of mortgage payments earlier in life are locked into the home. The trick is how does one get money out of the house!

The answer came in the form of a federal program administered by the Federal Housing Administration to offer a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM). FHA insures the program so that the senior, bank, and FHA have their interests covered. The program has evolved since the 1980s into a stable financing method for your consideration.


  • Senior, at least 62 years old, who has ample equity in their home.


  • Many seniors fail to get “cash-out” of their home equity through FORWARD financing because they do not meet income criteria in order to make monthly payments toward the loan balance.
  • The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) manages the HECM program to help those seniors get “cash-out” of their home equity through REVERSE financing called a HECM where the bank provides cash to the homeowner (possibly monthly or other methods) and the loan repayment is only once when the home is sold or otherwise vacated.
  • Many seniors are now downsizing and purchasing new homes of lesser value with an approximate 50% down payment to free up cash and financing the rest with a HECM, also known as a HECM for Purchase.

Since most seniors prefer to talk live to a trusted mature person, please feel free to call any time!

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