Specialty Programs

Specialty Programs For Your Special Situation

Jumbo Home Loan Program Up To $5 Million

When a loan amount reaches a certain point, Jumbo Loans can offer high-end financing that a traditional loan can’t. Over the past few years, some lenders have decreased their Jumbo Loan offerings and have made them harder to obtain, but at Isosceles Mortgage, we can get you the best rate possible on your Jumbo Loan. With a choice between fixed or adjustable rates, our jumbo loans offer maximum flexibility for home financing for larger loans.

Alternative Documentation Program For The Self-Employed

Perhaps you are self-employed or are in a situation where it is difficult to document your income to qualify for a loan.  No worries.  We have a program where you can use your bank statements to identify qualifying income.

Recent Credit Events Program To Help You In Challenging Times

Perhaps you’ve had some recent credit events that impact your credit score or disqualify you from more traditional loan programs.  You are not automatically ruled out on financing the purchase of a home. Amazingly, we have a program for someone who is 1 day out of bankruptcy proceedings, foreclosure, or a short-sale.  We have a program for your situation.

Foreign National Borrower Program

A foreign buyer is allowed to buy real estate in the USA.  There are considerations that make the transaction complex and financing requires the experience and high-touch of Isosceles Mortgage.  While rates and down payments reflect the risk associated with a foreign national purchase, a program does exist to get you into a home.

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